Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I created a blog account months ago. Till date, I had been searching for the correct subject to write about. I just made a list of things which interests me.

1. Movies

2. Cricket

3. TV

4. Internet (Orkut+Facebook)

5. Football (I become a fan every time the world cup is around the corner)

6. Shakira (I started loving her after watching “WAKA WAKA… THIS TIME FOR AFRICA”)

7. Books (Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon & Vaikom Mohammed Basheer {he is a Malayalam author}...

In normal cases, I would have added the likes of Toni Morrison, Paulo Coelho and Pablo Neruda to the list; but this is my first blog and I want to be as honest as possible. I tried reading a few of Coelho’s works, but to tell the truth, I couldn’t understand half of it.)

8. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (the god who materialized as a cricketer)

9. A R Rahman (the “Sachin” of music)

But none of these were plausible blog items since I am not an expert in any of these. And after making this list, I was terribly unhappy that engineering and that too Computer Science didn’t figure in the list. This raised a question that had been lingering in my mind for the past few months… Am I wasting four years of my life studying (?) a subject in which I don’t have any particular interest? Or is it a situation through which every undergraduate student passes?

Recently, someone told me that after watching 3 Idiots, my doubts would be erased. But it actually made things worse. I couldn’t connect with any of the protagonists of the movie. (Of course! It was an awesome movie). I am not that expert in the subject like Rancho, I am not that studious or hard working as the character played by Sharman Joshi and I don’t have interest in wild life photography like the character played by Madhavan. What will I do in the future? Would I be a glorified and over paid accountant who spends half of his life punching the keys coding something so as to make something else much simpler?( Ha Ha! How is the definition I made for a software engineer?)But now I am in a situation where I doubt whether I would be able to do even that. Next week, I have a system programming lab exam and when I opened the record today, I found that I don’t even know how to make a one pass assembler. (For those illiterate people who may read this, don’t worry what it is. Even a B Tech student (myself) doesn’t really know it).

Now, I know you guys would be pretty bored with this self depreciating article (if someone ever reads this) that I have posted as my first blog. But this is just a collection of random thoughts that have come to my mind after the exasperation I felt after trying to study for the exam. I will try to post a more sensible one next time (No promises though!).

Adieu!!! (Have to catch the last moments of JAPAN-CAMEROON match).